12 January 2018

Another Reminder

Welcome back. I’m sorry to be a noodge, but I thought I’d remind you once again that I’m now blogging on a different website, Warren’s Noticewww.warrensnotice.com. If you haven’t visited my new website, here are the blog posts you’ve missed since my last reminder:

Climate Change Report - 24 Nov 2017
Earlier this month, you may have read or heard that the White House released a climate report, and you may have wondered what that was all about. Well, wonder no longer. - www.warrensnotice.com/2017/11/climate-change-report.html

Wake Up, World! - 1 Dec 2017
You may have missed it, but 25 years ago some 1700 scientists issued a “warning to humanity” to stop damaging the environment and critical resources before it’s too late. Well, those pesky scientists are back. This time, there are nearly 15,400 of them from 184 countries. - www.warrensnotice.com/2017/12/wake-up-world.html

Spiders’ Sumptuous Repast - 8 Dec 2017
Maybe you’re not fond of spiders, but what about all those insects you don’t like? Do you know how many insects spiders devour? - www.warrensnotice.com/2017/12/spiders-sumptuous-repast.html

House Bugs - 15 Dec 2017
Every now and then you find a bug in your home, right? What drives that? Pets? Plants? Clutter? Open doors? - www.warrensnotice.com/2017/12/house-bugs.html

Motorcycle Accidents - 22 Dec 2017
Motorcycles are cool, but they don’t score well in a Canadian study that compared health care costs after motorcycle and car accidents. - www.warrensnotice.com/2017/12/motorcycle-accidents.html

Concussion Diagnosis Discovery - 29 Dec 2017
Today’s blog post is everything you ever wanted to know (well, lots) about concussions, including a possible breakthrough in their diagnosis. - www.warrensnotice.com/2017/12/concussion-diagnosis-discovery.html

Learning About Opossums - 5 Jan 2018
After Vicki’s chance encounter with an opossum masquerading as one of her cats, it was time for me to learn more about the animal. And there was so much to learn. - www.warrensnotice.com/2018/01/learning-about-opossums.html

Opossums, Continued - 12 Jan 2018
I hope you read last week’s blog post on opossums, because today’s blog release is the rest of the story, i.e., what I learned about their diet, breeding, defense and health. - www.warrensnotice.com/2018/01/opossums-continued.html

As always, I hope you’ll stop by. – warren

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