17 November 2017

Don’t Miss Them

Welcome back. I just wanted to remind you that I’m now blogging on a different website, Warren’s Noticewww.warrensnotice.com. If you haven’t visited my new site yet, here are the blog posts you’ve missed:

Cat Bites - 27 Oct 2017
OK, so Vicki got bitten by Mindy, one of Vicki’s barn cats, after I drove into or over her (Mindy, not Vicki). C’mon, how bad could a cat bite be? -  www.warrensnotice.com/2017/10/cat-bites.html

Halloween Wishes - 31 Oct 2017
Trick or Treat? Treat! There’s a Halloween blog post. -

Intuition and Conspiracy Theories - 3 Nov 2017
Have you seen the released JFK files? Try this on: Those who rely more on gut feelings than on evidence and reason are more likely to accept conspiracy theories and misperceptions, including fake news. - www.warrensnotice.com/2017/11/intuition-and-conspiracy-theories.html

Hiring Discrimination - 10 Nov 2017
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in any aspect of employment, including hiring. But here’s what one study found. - www.warrensnotice.com/2017/11/hiring-discrimination.html

Cookbook Food Safety - 17 Nov 2017
Have you got the recipes ready for next week? Today’s blog post provides some guidance--ok, warning--about following cookbook recipes. - www.warrensnotice.com/2017/11/cookbook-food-safety.html

I hope you’ll stop by.  – warren

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