05 November 2013

Poison Delivery Ring Addendum

Last Friday’s discussion of research to derive painkillers from venom delivered by a centipede, Painkiller Venom, was a bit complex. I thought I would stay with toxic delivery systems for today’s photo addendum but keep it simple.

Bulgarian archaeologists, working at the site of a medieval fortress on Cape Kaliakra, near the town of Kavarna, have discovered over 30 pieces of gold jewelry since 2011. A recently discovered bronze ring, however, has attracted much wider attention.

The ring, at least 600 years old, had been hollowed out and has a hole in its side. It’s thought that the ring was designed and used for the surreptitious delivery of poison. (No toxicology test was reported.) It’s been further postulated that the ring is associated with a particular nobleman, which would help explain a number of unaccounted for deaths.

Medieval bronze ring found near Kavarna, Bulgaria
 (photo via Kavarna Municipality, www.kavarna.bg)
Hole in side of ring found near Kavarna, Bulgaria
 (photo via Kavarna Municipality, www.kavarna.bg)

Articles about the ring on the Sofia Globe and Livescience websites:
- sofiaglobe.com/2013/08/20/14th-century-poison-ring-found-near-bulgarias-kavarna/
- www.livescience.com/39088-medieval-poison-ring-bulgaria.html


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