22 October 2013

Goal-Setting Photo Contest

Last Friday, I announced the blog’s Goal-Setting Writing Contest: Write about an achieved or failed goal. Today, in keeping with the blog’s usual pattern of new-topic-narrative followed by photo-addendum, I’m announcing the Goal-Setting Photo Contest.

Photographs that best illustrate the goal-setting theme will be selected from those submitted to appear in a special Retired—Now What? Blog photo addendum.

Oops…The goal isn't to hit it straight up.
(Photo from Baseball Photo Addendum)

Contest Rules

-Photographs: Submitted photographs should be G or PG rated illustrations of one or more humans or whatever you choose accomplishing or failing to accomplish a clearly defined goal.
-Contestants: Anyone may enter, young or old, retired or not retired. Contest entrants may submit no more than two photographs for consideration.
-Due Date: Tuesday, 19 November 2013
-Submissions: Include your photograph(s) in the body text of an email to RetiredNW@gmail.com. Do not attach the photograph(s); attachments will not be opened. Email me at that address if you have trouble embedding the photograph(s).
-Judges: Photographs will be judged by my award-winning, professional photographer daughter, Rachel, and other creative individuals whom I have yet to approach. (Though you may have missed it, there were no photo entries--none!--to the last photo contest.)

Once again, Vicki’s pet rock gives up, failing
its goal to get through War and Peace.
-Prize: Winning photographs will be featured in a Retired—Now What? Blog photo addendum. I’ll attribute the photographs to almost any name you give me should you wish to remain anonymous.

OK! Get shooting!

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