18 October 2013

Goal-Setting Writing Contest

Welcome back. Months have passed and I’m sure you’ve been wondering, “When is the Retired--Now What? Blog going to have another writing contest?” Well, the time has come. I hope you’re ready to write.

Contest Theme

For the theme of our second writing contest, I’ve borrowed from the website www.StageOfLife.com. In addition to offering a free platform for multi-generational writing, teens to grandparents and retirees, Stage of Life holds a monthly writing contest for teens.

Oh, stop groaning! I know most of you haven’t been teens for a few years. I’ve chosen one of the recent contest topics that you can handle: Goal Setting. And I’ve modified it for an even better fit. Be sure to check the details below, but here’s the elevator version: Write about an achieved or failed goal.

Developing the Theme

The Retired--Now What? Blog contest invites both serious and not so serious goal-setting essays. If, instead of writing about yourself, you would like to write about the efforts of someone close to you (e.g., mom) or your pet, feel free to do so.

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sides of a plain white mug of
otherwise dubious nature and quality.

For those who entered or remember the blog’s first contest on Personal Bests, you might feel the Goal-Setting theme is too similar. That really depends on what you select for a topic and how you develop it. But even if your goal-setting essay goes in the personal best direction, that’s fine.

Contest Rules

The following should cover everything you’ll need to know.

-Topics: Write a nonfiction essay about a goal that you, someone close to you or your pet accomplished or failed to accomplish. Only G or PG rated essays will be considered.
-Essay Length: No more than 500 words, all or mostly in English.
-Due Date: Monday, 18 November 2013
-Submissions: Include your essay in the body text of an email to RetiredNW@gmail.com. Do not attach the essays; attachments will not be opened. You’re welcome to submit a second essay, but no more than two and please send them in separate emails.
-Photos: It would be great if you had one or more digital photos ready should your essay be selected; however, that’s not required. There’s no need to include any with your submission.
-Contestants: Anyone except a member of my immediate family may enter--retired or not retired, young or my age.
-Judges: We’ll have to see who submits. I’m hoping some of the five former judges will enter this time.
-Winner(s): The judges' choice of the best essay will be final. If the submitted essays fall in different categories (e.g., serious, not so serious), more than one winner may be selected.
(1) The newly designed, not yet produced, but sure to be coveted “Retired--Now What? Blogger” mug.
(2) Publication of your essay on the Retired--Now What? Blog. If you would rather not be identified to the Internet universe or let people know you visited the Retired--Now What? Blog, we’ll attribute your winning essay to almost any name you choose.

OK! Don’t wait until the last day! Get writing! Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

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