23 December 2014

Dry Stuff Photo Addendum

Yes, I hear you: Wash Your Hands! , Wash Your Hands Addendum and last Friday’s Dry Your Hands! are quite enough hand hygiene. For today’s addendum, suppose I take the approach I adopted with the Short Photo Addendum, which followed Tweet?, my post about why I don’t use Twitter. As there are many short things, there are many dry things besides hands.

Dry Run: If you’re still active, before you give a major presentation, you might do a dry run. (multiple websites)
Dry Counties: Or you might be curious about where the sale of alcoholic beverages is illegal (dry-red, wet-blue and mixed-yellow). (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dr_communities_by_U.S._state#mediaviewer/File:Alcohol_control_in_the_United_States.svg)
Dry Ice: Though you wouldn’t think of adding dry ice to either alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages, you might use it to keep them cool. (multiple websites)
Dry Clean: Surely you check labels to know if clothes must be dry cleaned or not. Or both. (Read this one carefully.)
Dry Off: No doubt, you step aside when the dog that saved a ball from drowning decides to dry off. (multiple websites)
Dry Cell: You’re aware that not every cell is dry. (Meung-sur-Loire Castle dungeon photo by P. Hirsch www.frenchmoments.eu/meung-castle/)
Dry Dock: Nor is every dock dry. (www.blackberry-wallpapers.com/Landscapes/480x360/2011/0622/7565.html)
Dry Socket: When I was young, I wondered why my father called our dentist when he had problems with dry sockets. (www.fundoogeek.com/2012/12/electrical-socketplug-map-of-world.html)
Dry Gulch: In those days, cowboys referred to an ambush as a dry gulch. (a-drifting-cowboy.blogspot.com/2012/04/meanwhile-back-at-ranch-ambush-rock.html)
Dry Wit: I loved slapstick as a kid, but now I appreciate dry wit much more than other kinds of humor. (www.bikesarena.com/funny-quotes-quotes/funny-quotes-about-quotes-3/)

Of course there’s still dry…eyes, goods, out, rot, rub, wall, wipes, sherry and wine. West of Key West, you’ll find the Dry Tortugas. Oh, I left out dry gas, which you could once buy by the can or case in the automotive section of my father’s store. Does anything else come to mind?

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