16 December 2014

Wash Your Hands Addendum

You, of course, didn’t need last Friday’s blog post, Wash Your Hands!, to remember hand hygiene. As you realize, however, that’s not true of everyone. Today’s addendum offers a handful of signs and posters that have been used as reminders, I hope with success.

The bear stare is one of several animal posters. (www.webbertraining.com/photos/custom/IC%20Cal%202010%20P9.jpg)
Like the bear stare, there are a series of creatively designed hand posters. (multiple websites)
This should get someone’s attention. (www.quickmeme.com/The-Omnipresent-Cloon)
You can’t go wrong with zombies. (multiple websites)
Of all the employees must wash signs, this one had, well, character. (multiple websites)
This one might work, if people read that far. (www.funniestmemes.com/)
Go ahead. Add words you think might work.
This wasn’t a sign or poster, but it should be.

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