07 May 2019

The Neighbor’s Auction, continued

Welcome back. Get comfortable, and I’ll pick up where I left off with The Neighbor’s Auction.

The auction website announced that nearly 300 items would be offered, including milk cans, a scythe, saws, horse blanket pins, sports posters, lightning rods, a vintage clothes wringer, rug beaters and 1925-1931 license plates. And there were many modern items such as a snow blower, firearms, binoculars, shop tools and a 2006 Lincoln 4-door pickup.

Here are examples of what besides horse-drawn carriages and sleighs went to the highest bidders.

English-style telephone booth and 1948 Willy's Jeep.
Statue, many carriage wheels, shafts and singletrees.
A wide variety of miniatures.
Carriage buggy lights (from www.wisconsinauctionservice.com).
The auction offered C.S. and other bells (from www.wisconsinauctionservice.com).
What every home needs, spittoons (from www.wisconsinauctionservice.com).
A Gamewell Co. fire alarm box (from www.wisconsinauctionservice.com).
A very tall glass-cylinder Sinclair Dino gas pump (left) and a Sinclair Aircraft clock-face gas pump (from www.wisconsinauctionservice.com).
A stoplight and Shell gas pump (from www.wisconsinauctionservice.com).
A wall-mounted ECO Tireflator air pump (from www.wisconsinauctionservice.com).
Vicki’s two Farmall tractors.
Vicki’s tractors sold as did all the other items she added--among them, a pony trailer, farm scales, grain cleaner, corn grinder, a Remington Rand manual typewriter, kerosene lamps, wooden canes, large framed oil portraits of unknown man and woman and Ford Model T parts (she’d already sold the Model T her father built).

The auction certainly helped Bernie's family as well as Vicki clean house. Thanks for stopping by.

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