19 January 2016


Today’s blog post marks a milestone, 500 posts. That’s probably enough. At least it’s enough to stop and decide if that’s enough.

It’s a little hazy, I’m not sure what’s around the bend, but I’ve arrived at 500 blog posts.

Thank you for visiting whether regularly or occasionally or, by chance, this one time. I’m grateful and honored. I hope you enjoyed the posts--the writing and photos, mine and those of my special guests and contest winners. I hope you laughed and learned and always found something of interest.

The blog will remain active for the time being and all posts should be accessible. If you’d like to look around, you can search the Blog Post Topics column of links on the right side of the blog website. (If you’re not on the website, it’s at www.retired--nowwhat.com) If there’s a specific post you can’t find, email me at RetiredNW@gmail.com.

If you email me, I’ll be happy to advise you when I know the blog’s future and when, where or what I’ll be writing again.

Be well. Thanks for stopping by. –warren


  1. thank you for many, many interesting posts on topics I didn't know and didn't know I knew. I learned something every time I read a post. Be sure to let us know what you plan next!

  2. Thank you for you comment. It's appreciated.