25 August 2015

Seeing-Remembering Addendum

Last Friday’s blog post, Seeing Versus Remembering, reviewed a study that demonstrated attribute amnesia. Memory-test participants had no problem recognizing anomalous items, but they had a difficult time remembering the characteristics that made the items anomalous.

It kind of reminded me of hiding in plain sight. OK, that’s a stretch, but I thought you might like an addendum of animal-world examples of hiding in plain sight. (All the photographs appear on multiple websites.)

You’re no doubt aware that it’s easy for some animals to stay hidden in plain sight. They blend into the background. 

The leaf-tailed gecko.
The couch-matching cat.
The non-stuffed Pomeranian puppy.
The unrolled yet permanently wrinkled Shar Pei dog.
Other animals have to work harder to stay hidden. 

The if-I-just-sit-erect meerkat cat.
The all-it-takes-is-a-mask raccoon cat.
The wolf, yes, in sheep’s clothing.
The tuxedoed penguin goose.

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