19 May 2015

Waiting Animals Photo Addendum

When I was deciding whether or not to do last Friday’s blog post, Waiting, I jumped ahead and collected photos that I thought would make an addendum you’d enjoy. I went with the post and here are the photos. I hope I was right.
 I think dogs wait and watch for anything, but, like toddlers, dogs place people atop their list. (Photo from dailypicksandflicks.com/2012/04/08/daily-picdump-447/)
I think that’s true whether the waiting dogs are big, like Great Danes. (Photo from roseynews.com/dogs-waiting-by-the-window/)
Or small, like Dachshunds. (Photo from roseynews.com/dogs-waiting-by-the-window/)
Or Retrievers resting on a bed. (Photo from multiple websites)
Or Shepherds sitting in a sink. (Photo from roseynews.com/dogs-waiting-by-the-window/)
Or even a deaf, rescue Pit Bull awaiting a National Guard soldier who’s been away for a weekend drill. (Photo from video www.youtube.com/watch?v=7I7GlmTKsrA)
Cats have better things to wait and watch for, unless they’re like Rex, who hid if she saw someone coming. (Vicki’s photo from Time for Pets--Cats Revisited)
Mostly, though, cats wait because they have things to think about. (Photo from multiple websites)
I wonder what turtles wait for. (Photo from multiple websites)

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