29 July 2014

Tea Photo Addendum

Following last Friday’s blog post, Tea Time, I came up with a host of teas I thought you might like. I’ll start with cups and end with parties.

Vintage tea cups. We haven’t unpacked ours yet.
Creative tea cups. (multiple websites)
Even more creative tea cups--one of a set illustrated by Esther Horchner. (www.demilked.com/bathing-girls-tea-set/)
A teacup with pigs. Best if you go with the cup, not the pigs. There is no established breed of "teacup pig" and no guarantee the pigs will stay small. (multiple websites)
A classic tea party described by Lewis Carroll. (multiple websites)
A Halloween tea party, circa 1935. (www.antiquetoychest.com/2010/10/)
A modern tea party. (multiple websites)

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