15 July 2014

Contagious Yawning Photo Addendum

Today’s photo addendum to last Friday's blog post, Yawning, is not a test; it's a demonstration. Relax, take your time and go slowly through the 10 photos. All but one appear on multiple websites, though I’ve tweaked them a bit for this addendum.

1: Yawning baby in a crib.
2: Yawning man outdoors
3: Yawning woman seen from the side.
4: Yawning man in bed.
5: Yawning young woman.
6: Yawning man covering his mouth.
7: Yawning woman (my mother caught unawares, 1977).
8: Yawning baby, up close.
9: Yawning office worker.
10: Yawning woman lying on her side
Well? Did you yawn or at least have the urge to yawn when you looked at the photos? That’s usually what happens because yawning is contagious. (Imagine how difficult it was for me to search for and select photos.) If you made it this far without yawning, you might want to see how you do with a video that appeared on the Huffington Post website last March:
Yawning woman from AsapSCIENCE video

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