17 June 2014

Cat Tree Photo Addendum

No doubt, your burning question following last Friday’s blog post, Cat Tree Construction, is how did the cats respond to the custom-made cat tree? First, however, I have to report that our mid-April, 800 mile drive was made longer by ice, snow, numerous accidents (not us) and closed state highways. But we made it!

As soon as we set down different parts of the unassembled cat tree in Noah and Cassy’s apartment, Henry and Timothy were all over them. We expected that of Henry, but young Timothy had been neutered that morning and was functioning on pain killers.

These photos, taken by Vicki and Noah, will give you a pretty fair idea of what transpired.

Timothy rests atop the bottom section
of the unassembled cat tree.
Henry inspects the partially assembled cat tree.
Unable to wait for Vicki to complete the cat tree, Timothy
climbs up and Henry tries out the lower house.
Yes, this cat tree will be fine, Timothy decrees,
with Noah in the background.
Noah and Cassy dine and discuss
where to move the cat tree.
Henry’s aerie atop the cat tree.

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