04 February 2014

Horse Year Photo Addendum

No, 1982 wasn’t a Chinese Year of the Horse, described in last Friday’s blog post, Horse Year Caution. But I was in the Altay area of Xinjiang, China that year, and there were lots of horses. Here’s a handful of photographs that I didn’t include in my earlier post, China Rodeo Photo Addendum.

Our UN-FAO team leader awarded a Polaroid
photo of the winner of one of the events to the
winner. Xinjiang, China, 1982.
There was so much activity around us, it was
sometimes difficult to know which was
an event. Xinjiang, China, 1982.
Most events were relatively close, but here’s
how a few appeared. Xinjiang, China, 1982.
I’ve no idea what was going on down there, but
it was happening fast. Xinjiang, China, 1982.
This, I’m pretty certain, was more of the
side action. Xinjiang, China, 1982.
As mentioned in my earlier post, the women rode
at least as good as the men. Xinjiang, China, 1982.
Two young women rode by for a
closer look. Xinjiang, China, 1982.
I’m slipping in this photo from the Tien-shan Mountains
area because I thought the family on a horse was
special. Too bad I was traveling with only a 50 mm lens.
The bottom photo is an enlarged part of the top photo,
and the top photo is also enlarged. Xinjiang, China, 1982.

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