01 January 2014

Facebook Cover Photo

Sprucing up for 2014, I changed the header on this blog a couple of weeks ago. I hope you like it. Earlier this week, I also changed the cover photo on the blog Facebook Page: Retired - Now What? I hope you like that too. Here’s the photo I used (without a caption):

Some of the rodeo spectators, Xinjiang, China, 1982.
The photo is a low resolution, cropped version of a photo I took during a 1982 UN livestock development project in Xinjiang, China. We were in the Altay area and the residents put on a phenomenal rodeo for us.

I included an even more cropped version of the photo with other photos of the event in an October 2011 blog post, China Rodeo Photo Addendum.

Was that a grandfather and grandson?
Northwestern China Rodeo, 1982.

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