07 January 2014

Eye Photo Addendum

Thinking about an addendum to last Friday’s blog post, Eye Pupils, I kept running into photos of, well, eyes. (I didn’t bite on students--you know, pupils.) Anyway, here’s a small selection of eyes you might like.

Do you remember Henry the Cat? He’s now overwhelmed
by the irrepressible Timothy the Kitten.
A tarsier, most of which are found in the Philippines and
other South Asian islands. (photo on multiple websites)
Rachel’s portrait of Cooper the Chihuahua.
A Namibian Giant Ground Gecko.
A Big-eye Green Whip Snake (photo by Tzi Ming Leong,
These of course are the aliens I envisioned but didn’t
show in my blog post, Predawn Jogging Mystery.
(photo from multiple websites)
And finally we have the ersatz cockroach I used in the
Cyborg Insects blog post to spare you the real thing.
I’ve heard the stand-in was much appreciated.

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