04 June 2013

Photo Addendum Contest

Last Friday, I announced the first ever Retired--Now What? Blog contest--The Personal Best Contest: Write about your personal best in or at a topic of your choosing. (Be sure to check the rules before submitting.)

What goes with a Retired--Now What? writing contest on personal bests? You guessed it! A Photo Addendum Contest on Personal Bests!

Syracuse University sprinters practicing
starts, 1932. Photo by unidentified Syracuse
Post-Standard Newspaper photographer was
used and described in Track Photo Addendum.
(Warren’s father is 2nd from left.)

The top personal best photographs will be selected from those submitted for a special Retired—Now What? photo addendum.

Contest Rules

-Photographs: In keeping with the blog’s scope, submitted photographs should be G- or PG-rated illustrations of one or more humans or other animals, including insects of course, or even plants achieving their or its “personal” best.

A snail achieving its personal best
snail trail. Photo by Mary Bean from
Snail Tracking Photo Addendum

-Contestants: Anyone may enter, young or old, retired or not. Contest entrants may submit no more than two photographs for consideration.

-Due Date: Monday, 30 June 2013

-To Submit: Include your photograph(s) in the body text of an email to: RetiredNW@gmail.com  Do not attach the photograph(s); attachments will not be opened. Email me at that address if you have trouble embedding the photograph(s).

-Judges: Probably my award-winning, professional photographer daughter, Rachel, whom I haven’t asked yet, and other supremely creative individuals.

-Prize: Winning photographs will be featured in a Retired—Now What? photo addendum. I’ll attribute the photographs to almost any name you give me, but if you want to copyright the photograph, you should probably use your true name.

OK! Let’s see those personal best photos!

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