23 April 2013

Haircuts Photo Addendum

Following last Friday’s blog post on Haircuts, I thought you’d be ready to see some who gave it all…for charity. Last month, for the third year, my daughter, Rachel, photographed a St. Baldrick’s Day event, where young and old have their head shaved, volunteer or donate to raise money for childhood cancer research.

The St. Baldrick's Foundation (www.stbaldricks.org) is a volunteer-driven charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government.

The events Rachel photographed were organized by Mira’s Movement, a local charity dedicated to supporting families of children diagnosed with cancer and advocating increased funding for childhood cancer research. Mira’s Movement (www.mirasmovement.org) is named after the 4-year old daughter the family lost to cancer.

Here’s a mix of photos from different years, all courtesy of Rachel (www.rachelphilipson.com).

I can’t believe I’m letting you shave it off.
Is shaving it off going to hurt?
Oh you look great, but sorry, it all has to go.
I was only kidding. You’re not really
going to shave it all, are you?
Go ahead. Shave it off. I will
look even more awesome.
Yes! All these years and finally, the look I’ve
always wanted. (The Mohawks are only interim
cuts en route to the final product.)

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