26 March 2013

Scroll Photo Addendum

Thinking about unrolling and deciphering Curse Tablets described in last Friday’s post, I remembered a gift that was neither a curse nor ancient. Amazingly, I found it in one of our neatly stacked unpacked boxes.

Thirty years ago, while supporting a UN project in China, I was invited to present a guest lecture at Beijing University (aka Peking University). The hosts graciously presented me a gift to commemorate the event, and I was most grateful.

The gift, draped in unrelated paper.
Unwrapping the gift, described in Mandarin by the label.
Unrolling the gift: a commemorative Chinese scroll
painting. According to a reliable source (and confirmed

 by “Grandma”) that’s my name on the right.

Whistle if you’d like higher resolution photos of the text.

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