01 January 2013

Warren’s Hiatus

Happy New Year! Do you remember my post, Season’s Greetings Newsletters (30 Dec 2011)? No? Oh, go look for it; it was pretty good. I described how I use verse instead of text to summarize our year, and I gave some select examples. Here’s a stanza from this year’s news-filled verse.

The Wisconsin farmhouse and
garage. Photo appeared in
24 June 2011 blog post.
Vicki quit her job,
then worked her charm,
just convinced Warren
to move to the farm.

Yep, “we” just decided to sell the house we’ve lived in for over 16 years and move to that garage apartment next to the Wisconsin farmhouse in last Friday’s post, Attics

When I say “sell,” I mean we’ve selected a Realtor, and we’re making the house presentable to prospective buyers. (Whistle if you’re interested. Please!)
Warren’s soon-to-be new home,
the apartment over the garage.

The plan is that Vicki and Boss-the-cat will drive off in a 22 foot truck, loaded with my computer and everything we don’t donate or toss, towing her car. I will remain in the house with someone’s sleeping bag, an air mattress and not much else, trying to stay out of the way of painters and carpet folks. I’ll join her as soon as the house is ready and listed for sale.

If all goes well, I should be up and running again sometime in February. Assuming my fingers aren’t too numb from the Wisconsin winter, Retired--Now What? will be back with new blog content. Please stay tuned, take care and have a wonderful 2013.

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