28 August 2012

Light-Up Products Photo Addendum

Building on last Friday’s blog post, Spray-on Batteries, I thought you might like to see examples of commercially available light-up products. Since I have none, I’m using images and information from selected websites. I have no affiliation or experience with these sites, and emphasize that there are many others.

These custom-designed shirts are sound-activated
or have controllable animation sequences. They use
AAA batteries. http://www.glowcity.com/
These shirts are sound-activated in your choice
of 25 designs. They use AAA batteries.
Light-up logo hats use 3-volt flat cell batteries.

Everyone should have flashing
shoelaces. http://www.ledoes.com

All types of light-up drinkware are available.
These glasses use AG13 button cell batteries.

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