14 August 2012

Alien Photo Addendum

After last Friday’s blog post, I spent hours searching for tangible evidence of outer-space aliens on our street. I gave up. Bear with me please, and whatever you do, don’t report this to PETE (People for the Ethical Treatment of Extraterrestrials).
The Alien!
Not to worry. Here comes help!
Great Caesar’s ghost! More help!
Game over.

Last week’s photo addendum was a quiz in which you were to match the names of the pets with their photos. Here are the answers. (You’ll see the photos if you scroll down, past last Friday's post.)

Number of Photo–Name of Pet(s)–Number on Name List

1. Monty (10)
2. Winchester (13)
3. Skip (11)
4. Missy (9)
5. Thunder (L)(12), Lightning (R)(7)
6. Corbin (4)
7. Buster (3)
8. Cozy (5)
9. Daisy (6)
10. Adonis (1)

I’m sorry; there were no pets named Bella or Max (or Kitty). How did you do?

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