03 July 2012

Antibacterial Photo Addendum

Last Friday’s blog post about a toothpick theft mentioned the possible consequences of adding antibacterial ingredients to soaps. I thought an illustration was warranted. This is only a simulation; research results have been short term and mixed. The microscopic images shown here have been seriously enlarged. Human hands have been omitted.

The antibacterial soap used for the simulation.
Billy Bacterium, generally happy and well mannered.
Billy Bacterium, cringing after being doused 
with an antibacterial soap, full strength.
Billy Bacterium, feeling wretched because 
of the soap’s antibacterial ingredient.
Yes! Billy Bacterium pulls through! What doesn’t kill 
you might make you stronger (and better looking).

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  1. 03 07 12

    What irks me is the grammatical error in the ad - as in most ads.