19 June 2012

No-Problem Photo Addendum

Instead of grumbling about a "no problem" response to "thank you," I thought I’d take this opportunity to illustrate instances of when "no problem" is appropriate. 
Road blocked by two flocks of sheep? No problem. Just
wait until they move the sheep. Xinjiang, China, 1982.
Stuck again crossing the muddy stream? No problem.
Just find a farmer with a tractor. Syria, 1983.
Too much traffic on the unpaved city street? No problem.
Just keep driving; they’ll move. Syria, early 1980s.
Baskets too big to get your arms around? No problem.
Just use your head. Bangladesh, 1981.
Outmatched in a fight? No problem.
Just call, "Maaa!" Warren and his
big brother, mid-1940s.

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