03 April 2012

Greeting Card Photo Addendum

In last Friday’s blog post on greeting cards, I mentioned my wife’s long-ago, primary card line, which featured hand-drawn graphics, strong sentiments and a small, hand-colored red tulip. I also showed examples of the Tulip Fantasy greeting cards that I persuaded her to develop and try. 
There were other cards that fell between these two extremes: hand-drawn graphics, hand-colored tulips and blow-you-away sentiments. In addition to being the creative advisor, I was her model for these two.
The outside of this card said “Somehow”; the inside
said “You’ll always find a way to be special.”
This card said “I’d know you anywhere”
and was blank inside.
You won’t find these cards in the Retired--Now What? Blog Photo Shoppe inventory, but you will find many of the best travel photos from blog posts. Here’s the link: www.etsy.com/shop/retirednowwhat

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  1. 03 04 12

    They're good!

    But my eyes are getting red trying to figure out what are the two wavy passwords.