03 January 2012

Season’s Greetings Cards Photo Addendum

Last Friday’s blog post had photos of Rachel’s early and most recent Season’s Greetings cards. You can find the full range of cards she’s currently selling on her Etsy site (www.etsy.com/shop/rachelphilipson), but I thought I’d show you six of the older Season's Greetings cards whose supply I didn’t deplete. I wish I’d ordered extra copies of all the other year's cards, but I never get my count straight.
Rachel produced the first two when she was living in the Boston area, after graduating college. The tree has always been my favorite (and I don’t eat candy).

Season’s Greetings cards produced by Rachel after earning
her BFA in Photography (www.rachelphilipson.com).

The snowman and pine-cone cards aren’t that old, but the two snow-scene cards do go back a bit.
Season’s Greetings cards produced by
Snow-scene Season’s Greetings cards produced
by Rachel (www.rachelphilipson.com).

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  1. 04 01 12

    The lacy network of snow-covered branches reminds me of a TV ad in Bangkok that I saw last month. The branches were so completely covered with fake snow, you couldn't see any bark. Someone must have dipped gluey branches into chopped cotton batting. I should get a job as a snow consultant here.