05 August 2011

Time to Exercise–Update

I wrote about exercise in only the second blog post I ever conceived. It debuted on April 15. (Ignore the rumor that my blog post was the reason federal taxes weren’t due that day.) I’m sure you’re anxious for an update on my progress.

I could keep this exceedingly short by writing No Change, but that would hardly qualify for a blog post and you’d be disappointed. I’ll expand a bit.  

Exercise Routine 

I still leap out of bed at 0-dark hundred, sip a cup of tea (green), loosen up on a stationary bike, then stretch.

Monday through Saturday, I jog about a mile if it’s not pouring rain, sweat profusely, use free weights before or after jogging, sweat profusely, continue strengthening exercises on a mat and sweat profusely. 
Perspiring? Think dry thoughts. Flying over Gurbantunggut Desert, Junggar Basin, Xinjiang, China, 1982
Sunday, I smile, walk instead of jog, hold back on the strength stuff and sweat less profusely.

Every afternoon, I walk about a mile and given my brisk pace and the weather, sweat profusely.

Streetlight at corner of…what’s that on 
the road? Did it move?
Morning Light (Change)

Do you remember my mentioning that a few houselights have motion-detectors? Last month, one of those motion-activated lights was changed to a variable intensity light—you know, like an automatic dimmer switch. How cool!

Now, when I approach the house, the brightness of the light increases steadily—a radiant crescendo that peaks when I’m in front of the driveway, holding the microphone, waving to the fans…thank you, thank you. As I continue off stage, the light fades, trying to hold me longer in its luminous grip. 

What a feeling! And since I pass back and forth in front of this house, I’m featured twice! Every morning!
Vehicle Encounters
Jogging or walking so early, I go days without encountering a moving vehicle. When there is one, it’s normally the newspaper deliveryman. I hear his car engine, see the one functioning headlight and know which side of the street to avoid. If he passes, his radio infuses my stride with a pulsating Latin beat.

Animal Encounters 
If you recall, I described my encounters with deer, fox, rabbit and a skunk cleverly disguised as a white plastic bag. Imagine my surprise when, only a week after welcoming the white skunk to the neighborhood, I encountered a more conventionally garbed skunk (black & white) toward the other end of our street.

Because I didn’t slow down to show proper respect when I observed a short, upright, something or other in the darkness, this was an encounter of the close-call kind. A-ha! I finally realized; that’s a standing tail.

Sorry, no skunk photo. Raccoons are
cool if they’re not in your chimney.
Although the skunk had already sprinkled a greeting, we said our goodbyes before my defensive new neighbor became too defensive. I haven’t seen the white skunk again, but I have waved to this skunk or a close relative on two other mornings.  

Exercise Apparel (Unreported)

I didn’t comment earlier on my morning dress. No need. I assure you the individual elements aren’t marketed for those who exercise, and the ensemble is specially selected to blend unseen into the darkness. Actually, it’s only a bathing suit now, and there may be something reflective on my sneakers--sorry, running shoes.

Have you seen the latest in running shoes? And matching socks? They have toes!
Noah’s and Vicki’s new running shoes. 
(Guess which one prefers trails.)

I guess they’ve been around a few years. They’re designed to make you run on the balls of your feet, which is to say, there’s not a lot of heel. Our son, Noah, the certified personal trainer, has been trying them out; my wife, Vicki, the certified exerciser is also giving them a go.

Gee, I would jump at the chance to buy a pair if I hadn’t just replaced my old shoes a month ago. I’ll do it later; when I’m buying a smartphone.

Wrap Up

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll write again in about a week and see if I can come up with a couple of photo addenda before then.

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  1. 05 08 11

    Warrens, I believe that the Hash House Harriers may have something for you. Several times a week they "run" a few miles, and/or drink a few beers. Usually, it's ten miles or ten beers, which ever comes first.