29 June 2011

Renovation Photo Addendum 2

Traveling through the southern Philippines in the early 1970s, I photographed but didn’t spend the night in this treehouse in Zamboanga. (I wish I had, considering the hotel.)

Treehouse in Zamboanga, Philippines.


  1. 29 06 11

    Hi again Warrens -

    Nice treehouse. We once stayed in a very fancy one in a game park in Kenya.

    When you mention a reference, such as: "If you like treehouses, you might like this 2009 coffee-table book", the ref doesn't show on the blog. It appears only when you click on the blog title in order to post a comment. (And discovering to click on the blog title in order to post a comment took a while!)

    The web site design should be improved.

    Cheers, L

  2. Thanks, Luke. Yes, some emails have the tack-ons, some don't. I always recommend using the emails as an alert and checking the website for the intended format and content.