20 June 2011

Photo-Scanning Photo Addendum

I noted in Friday's blog post that I’d once lost photos sent to a commercial lab. What an oh-darn moment! At the time, my wife, Vicki, was developing a greeting card business, and I thought those photos would be great for a new card line.

After retiring 20-plus years later, I found photocopies of the mock-ups of the cards I had in mind. Although I’ll never see the original high resolution photos again…sigh…I scanned some of the photocopies to retrieve the photos.
Here’s an example of a single-fold card and photo. This photo is from the UN project in northwestern China.

Card and photo from Altay, China.
Here’s another example, photo only, from the Philippines.
Farmer walking along rice paddy in Philippines.
 What do you think? I’ve a few more if you’d like to see them. Please comment or email.

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  1. 21 06 11

    Sure, love to see more pics of yours like that. Want to see some of my old pics of Thailand in the 80s? Like you, I had the film developed locally, and it was a complete botch job. It was color film, but I saved the pics by scanning the negs in B&W.