12 November 2013

To-Do Lists Photo Addendum

I used to compile my to-do lists on a 5x7 lined notepad sheet, and I’m sure that you’re content with your remember-to-do-it approach. Nevertheless, after last Friday’s blog post, To Do Lists, I thought I’d remind you of some of the more common methods.

For years, before switching to a PDA, my wife used a Day-
Timer, a major step up from my notepad. Her PDA failed;
Day-Timers don’t. (photo from www.theofficedealer.com)
Along with my faithful notebook and refrigerator calendar,
I used to carry a pocket calendar--a major step down from a
Day-Timer. (Note how busy I am this month.)
Sticky notes are great for the one or two task reminder
if you don’t have too many and they don’t come unstuck.
The classic string on a finger works well for a one-task
reminder if you remember there’s a string on your finger
and why you tied it there.
Writing short lists on your palm is very efficient if
you keep your hands clean, but not too clean.
My wife now relies on her smartphone software. She says
someone named Sally or Sari or something also helps.

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