18 June 2013

Pet Update Photo Addendum

To supplement last Friday’s Pet Update, I wanted to pay tribute to Tim C.’s photo of Thunder, featured in my first (first!) Photo Addendum. Because Tim’s photo was so special, I’m repeating it here along with the link. 
Thunder the cat returns from the deer hunt.
Among the many pet photos that have appeared in this blog over the past two years, few were as well received as Cat Photo Addendum--Rebel, which featured son Noah’s photo of his wife’s family’s cat. The photo of Rebel shown here isn’t current, but I’m told he hasn’t changed. He’s still, uh…he’s doing well. 
Rebel the cat after jumping up
onto the chair. No help. Really.
To complete this photo addendum, I thought you’d appreciate another look at Flax, one of the hairless cats from both the Vacuuming with Cats Photo Addendum and last Friday’s Pet Update.
Flax, the Sphynx cat, rides the door.

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