15 December 2023

I Need A Break


OK, that’s not me, but like the cat, I really need a break. You might, too (photo from 2011 blog post, Time for Pets--Cats).
Ahead of my past hiatuses, I generally referred you to the list of Blog Post Topics in the column on the right of the blog website (http://www.retired--nowwhat.com).

Last December, I suggested you might enjoy some of the earliest posts I wrote years before I started reviewing research topics. The quickest way to reach those older posts is to go to Blog Archive in the website column on the right. Click on the archive and scroll down, for example, to the bottom, “Apr2011 (6).” You’ll call up my first six posts with the 6th displayed.

To sample the earlier posts, you might click on any of these, all posted more than 10 years ago:

Time to Exercise 

Time to Sleep 

Time for Lawn and Garden 

Technology Update 

Time to Visit the Arecibo Observatory 

Time for Pets--Henry the Cat 

Time for Non-Furry Pets (Tropical Fish, etc.)  

Dental Check-Up Time 

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Astrology Time 

Stay safe, be well and enjoy. I hope we’ll all be back next year. -warren


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