10 March 2015

Viewpoints Photo Addendum

Last Friday’s blog post, Science and Society, focused on different viewpoints. The notion of different viewpoints made me think of my daughter Rachel’s photography for today’s addendum.

Although she’s an award-winning photographer when it comes to weddings, portraits (2 and 4 legged subjects), journalism, theater and the usual stuff, at heart, Rachel’s a fine art photographer, as her BFA in Photography attests. This is to say that she sees things differently from the way I and, I think, most people see things.

Sometimes her view is clear and easy to understand. Take these three photographs for example.

Allium against a brown wall.
Wingaersheek Beach, West Gloucester, Mass.
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, street surfaced with Spanish ship ballast.

Sometimes her view is clear but not that easy to understand, as with these three photographs.

Three hanging towels.
A street in Montreal.
Three chairs.

And sometimes her view is neither clear nor easy to understand.

A chair in Barcelona.
Sun on the wall.
String 9287.
But demonstrating that others may see things as she does, last Friday, Rachel's photo, "String 9287," won top prize in the Ithaca, N.Y., State of the Art Gallery's 26th Annual Juried Photography Show. The show had 1 or 2 entries from 63 photographers from New York City to Rochester, and a Rochester photographer led the judging.


Rachel’s Websites:

Rachel Philipson Photography & Design: www.rachelphilipson.com
Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/rachelphilipson
Blog: www.twobeagsbarking.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rachelphilipsonphotography
Instagram: instagram.com/rachelphilipson/

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