13 January 2015

Political Correctness Addendum

I illustrated last Friday’s blog post, Political Correctness Revisited, with a photograph of a sign proclaiming that political correctness was the downfall of American society. There have been so many other assertions--some humorous, some offensive and some that might have begun on websites that warn about black helicopters. Today’s addendum offers a handful of the less fervent.

This graphic has political correctness as the core of a liberal’s brain. The other brain compartments are equally condemning though pretty funny. (Multiple websites)
Among definitions of “politically correct,” this was one of the more benign. (Multiple websites)
Though noted more for his support for gun rights, the late actor, Charleton Heston, also apparently spoke against political correctness. (Multiple websites)
Ben Carson, who’s gone from medicine to conservative politics, has also apparently taken a stance against political correctness. (Multiple websites but probably www.teapartycommunity.com/blog/4152)
While this tweet by RG3, quarterback for the Washington Redskins, was clearly stated and promoted by conservative media, it’s not entirely clear what he was actually tweeting about. (Compiled by Media Research Center and seen on multiple websites.)
How could anyone object to this comment about political correctness from www.someecards.com?
This grievance was obviously voiced by someone pining for the good old days. (Multiple websites)

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