20 January 2015

Domestic Cat Addendum

I illustrated last Friday’s blog post, Domestic Cats, with a photo of Henry, the Alpha-Cat, and a video of Henry being challenged by Timothy, the relentless kitten that was thrust upon him. Rather than delve deeper into genomes for this addendum, I’ll just illustrate how the relationship between the two semi-domesticated felines has evolved over the past year. (All of the photographs were taken by our son Noah, who with his wife, chooses to live with these animals.)

As documented in the video, Timothy could be a noodge. Though Henry never attacked the kitten as he did Boss, a pet sitter and probably others, Henry’s undomesticated side would occasionally be unleashed, which of course, delighted Timothy.
Timothy grew quickly. He was soon challenging Henry for the top spot, not only on the cat tree.
And eventually Timothy deposed Henry, who presumably had become too old and too domesticated.
This photo would be a fitting end for this cat saga, for it appears to illustrate Henry getting his comeuppance after years of semi-domesticated cat deeds.
But, in truth, their relationship evolved into one of trust and sharing.
And so, the blinds curtain comes down on this tail tale of cat camaraderie.

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