04 November 2014

Temporary Tattoos Addendum

Although I’m impressed with the use of a temporary tattoo to generate energy from perspiration (Perspiration Power), I’m not wild about tattoos. That’s not to say that I didn’t love temporary tattoo transfers, when I was about 7 years old and they came in packs of bubble gum and boxes of Cracker Jack--even if you could just about wash them off.

Offering tattoos as prizes started at the turn of the century (not the last turn, the one before), and bubble gum did it before Cracker Jack. I didn’t dig very deeply, but when I looked online, I was disappointed to find none older than the 1940s. No doubt there are older ones are out there.

Topps Bubble Gum snake lady tattoo, 1948. (from Ebay on www.pinterest.com/pin/322359285799833135/)
Topps Bubble Gum cobra tattoo, 1948.
Fleer Bubble Gum pirate tattoo, 1960s.
Topps Bubble Gum Popeye tattoo, 1960s.
Cracker Jack Big Dog Tattoos. (cut from
Nine “vintage” tattoo series from Cracker Jack.
Newer series of Cracker Jack tattoos.

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