28 October 2014

Wall Art Photo Addendum

The need to express one’s self on walls apparently dates to the Neanderthals. Today, however, there is no need to paint trees on cave walls, as my wife Vicki would have done had she been around thousands of years ago, or on our bathroom wall, as she did in our apartment (My Wife the Renovator).

Having no knowledge of the topic and even less interest, I had to search to learn that one can now purchase a wide variety of wall-size decals or panels, including those in true 3D, or have one of your own photographs made into a mural, not just a big poster. (So that’s why people need super high-resolution cameras.)

I found many wall-art suppliers and websites. Amazon, as you’d expect, offers a huge selection from different sources--Amazon Wall Murals

My wife’s painted trees are breathtaking, of course, and I’m sure paint is better than decals, paper or the like in the moist environment of the bathroom. But if she’s still thinking trees or some other subject for another wall, one of these might do. Though you’ll find the same or similar photos elsewhere, for simplicity, all but the last are from the same source through Amazon--Muralunique Wall Murals

With this wall mural, she could envision strolling through the Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan.
Though she might be just as happy with a Walk in the Forest nearby.
This mural, Play of Lights, is almost spiritual.
How could she resist the enigma of Morning Fog?
Maybe she’d like to see one of our plain stucco walls appear as brick or stone. This mural is Brown Stone Wall.
She does grind Coffee Beans at home, though a wall full might be a few beans too many.
Maybe I could sell her the Brooklyn Bridge.
Or suggest we buy a mural of Machu Picchu instead of schlepping to Peru.
Anyway, if it were up to me, I’d wake the place up with something snazzier, like Abstract Spiral wallpaper. (www.photowall.com/photo-wallpaper)

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