16 September 2014

Warning Signs Photo Addendum

After last Friday’s discouraging blog post about the dubious effect of long-term warning labels (Warnings’ Shelf Life), I thought you could use some cheering up. I searched and found a collection of warning signs that might do the trick. All are found on multiple websites.

There were far too many gun-related warning signs but only one about a gun-toting, med-taking watch dog.
While I’m not partial to gun threats, this one made me laugh.
I hope the children’s keepers read and heed this warning sign. Circuses aren’t doing well these days.
On reading this sign, I remembered when Henry-the-attack-cat blocked our pet sitter from entering our house. Who needs a watch dog?
If we were on site and saw this sign, it might make sense and not be funny. Since we’re not, it’s funny.
Fining the deceased will definitely get their attention. (The Newcastle Tram System operated in New South Wales, Australia, from 1887- 1950.)
I had to include at least one zoo warning sign about feeding the animals.
Church sign messages are too often sappy. This sign’s message probably filled the church. It is sort of a warning, isn’t it?
This store’s shoplifting warning certainly offers more than the usual “Shoplifters will be prosecuted!”
As stop signs go, this one is hard to beat.
I’m not convinced this sign’s message wasn’t Photoshopped,
but I like it anyway.

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