02 September 2014

Circus Wagons Photo Addendum

As announced in the wrap up of last Friday’s short visit to Circus World in Baraboo, Wis. (Run to the Circus), today’s addendum features photos of circus wagons found in the Wagon Pavilion. Most wagons were exhibited without descriptions, which I gathered elsewhere. No doubt the tour I didn't have time to take would have helped.
The W.W. Deppe Circus World Wagon Pavilion.
A view down one side of the Circus World Wagon Pavilion.
A view down the other side of Circus World’s Wagon Pavilion.
One of the more ornate circus wagons on display at Circus World.
Another ornate circus wagon on display at Circus World.
In front is Ringling Bros. snake den circus wagon (1902); in back is Gollmar Bros. kangaroo tableau circus wagon (ca 1890s).
The Pawnee Bill Wild West bandwagon on the left has a tableau of Native Americans with Pocahontas saving John Smith; the Cole Bros. Circus wagon at right has figures of Asians from different countries, including Korea, China and Siam.
The America circus wagon with figures from the entire hemisphere carried an old time steam calliope.
This circus wagon held the Hippopotamus from River Nile.
A circus wagon with a Gavioli band organ, built in Paris, 1905, that weighs 6 tons and sounds like an 80 piece band.
From left, the Arthur Bros. Circus ticket wagon (1940s), a Sells-Floto Circus wagon cage (early 1900s) and a Carl Hagenbeck circus wagon cage (1905).

Circus Wagon Tour on Circus World website:

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