10 June 2014

Indoor Farm Barn Addendum

In last Friday’s blog post, Indoor Farming, I revealed my nascent idea to convert the long inactive, former dairy barn on the farm here to an indoor vertical farm. Although I’ve yet to prepare the business plan and propose the idea to my wife and her father and sister, I’ll take this opportunity to show you the “before” so you’ll be dazzled by the “after” should we proceed. Although you may be anxious to invest in the venture, please do not send checks; not yet anyway.

The roadside view of the barn in case you don’t remember earlier photos.
The rear of the barn has separate entrances for the cows that gave whole, 2%, skim and either 1% or chocolate milk. (Just kidding.)
A view of the lower level of the barn where the cows lined up for milking twice a day. The edible insects and snails could go here.
A view of the upper level of the barn. Most of this space would be for vertically stacked vegetables.
No doubt, it’s going to take a lot of work to get the barn ready for year-round indoor production.
At least the barn roof and ceiling still look good.

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  1. Wonderful post and wonderful photos of an awesome building! I loved seeing it again - its such a magical place. Vicki gave Chris and me a complete tour a few years ago. Will be eagerly awaiting the development of your plan.