13 May 2014

Insect-Themed Food Addendum

Just in case you’re not ready to face edible insect dishes and recipes, however scrumptious they may be, today’s addendum to last Friday’s blog post, Entomophagy, features insect-themed, not insect-based, food. If you’d like the real deal, check out the links in the “P.S.” of last Friday’s post, especially the cookbooks, or just search Google Images for “entomophagy” or “edible insects.”

Today’s treats are mostly for kids’ parties, and you won’t have to scour the forest or lawn to find the ingredients.

Ladybugs of tomato, black olives and cheese.
Spider ham and cheese sandwiches.
Honey Bees of oats, flax meal, honey, almond slivers
and chocolate. (puregoodness.net/?p=971)
Butterfly of celery, yogurt, pretzels and cranberries.
Caterpillars of grapes and chocolate on skewers.
Spider of chocolate cake.
Gummy worms on chocolate pudding and crushed cookies.

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