25 March 2014

Settled In Photo Addendum

Following last Friday’s Settled In update, I thought a few more photos might add to the aura of my new life in rural Wisconsin.

Our zip code is serviced by the post office, which is an annex to the gas station-convenience store (à la 7-Eleven) over there by the car and flag. It’s open 4 hours each weekday and 75 minutes on Saturdays.
There is an old windmill tucked in the trees nearby. I wonder when it was erected and if it was ever used. My father-in-law hadn’t seen it and that’s one of his fields in front.
Turkeys (i.e., birds) occasionally strut by my “office” window. Deer passed by twice. They were the only deer I’ve seen over the past year.
This was the largest sturgeon speared during 2014 season: 161 pounds, 77.1 inches, registered by John Skahen. The annual ice spearing season runs about two weeks but ends sooner if the pre-set harvest caps are reached.
While cross-country skiing, Vicki saw this fan pattern in the snow. She finally realized that it was produced by the wind causing the reed to blow back and forth, tamping down the snow (photo by Vicki)

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