28 January 2014

Exercise Equipment Addendum

Last Friday’s blog post, Stroboscopic Training, got me thinking about exercise equipment that might seem a bit different if you aren’t a trainer, physical therapist, heavy-duty exerciser or adventurer.

I’ve expounded on first discovering the toed-running shoes our son, a certified personal trainer, was using, but I never mentioned tripping over a cylindrical chunk of foam he left lying around. I was sure it was packing material.

Anyway, here are a foam roller and some other devices that might improve your performance…or something. (For convenience and photos, I’ve relied on Amazon, selecting a product from one company though similar products may be offered by others.)

You just sort of lie there and roll on a foam roller, available in different sizes and colors. They’re reportedly great for core stabilization, balance and stamina or light stretching (and self massage). (Black High Density Foam Rollers–Extra Firm by Foam Roller)
This peanut-shaped therapy ball appears to be a variation of foam roller that comes with a DVD (and good reviews). (Gaiam Restore Strong Core & Back Care Kit)
Among the available hand exercisers are those that could pass for Silly Putty, except these come in colors that correspond to different resistances and in different sizes. (Thera-Flex Therapy Putty, 4 oz)

This exerciser addresses hand, wrist or forearm, offering two resistance levels (by color) in one ring. (Power-Web Combo Hand Exerciser by Ball Dynamics)
Yes, it looks robotic, but this hand exerciser works on opening rather than gripping your hand and fingers. (XTENSORBLUE Blue Xtensor Hand Exerciser by Clinically Fit Inc.)
This package has resistance bands, ankle straps and an adjustable waist belt to help develop lower body muscles for vertical jumping (e.g., basketball, volleyball). (SKLZ Hopz Vertical Jump Trainer)
How about a motorized chair that's advertised to work muscles with gyrating motions that target abdominals, hips, thighs, waist and buttocks, just like hula dancing? Anyway, it could be fun. (Hula Chair)
My physical therapist used a Pilates ball for her desk chair. This looks much easier. After exercising, I could probably do the bottom “I surrender” position. (Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair with ball and pump)

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