08 October 2013

China Cows Photo Addendum

In the close of last Friday’s blog post, Beetle News, I mentioned the absence of cows in my area of the dairy capital of the US. Lest you think that I wouldn’t know a cow if I saw one, I offer this handful of photos I took in 1982 during a UN livestock development project in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China.

A stud bull at the Animal Breeding Center, Urumqi. (Yes,
I saw him in action. Wow! Talk about no foreplay.)
Young cows and calves at a commune near Urumqi.
The commune’s dung pile is used mainly for cooking. (Sorry, beetles.)
Our convoy pulled aside as this herd of cows proceeded
to a different pasture in the Altay Region.
A herd of cows in the Altay Region. (Gotcha! They're sheep.)


  1. "know a cow if I saw one"! That stud bull you saw was not a cow!

    Paucity of cows in your area? They're just not standing around outside anymore. Rosendale dairy, not far, has 4000 cows under 2 roofs!
    See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pv35dYBMX4

    - J

  2. Thank you for your excellent comments. Note, however, that the bull was "in action" with what I interpreted to be cows, and though there may be thousands of covert cows here in the Dairy Capital, I have yet to see one.