29 October 2013

Alarm Clocks Photo Addendum

If you read last Friday’s blog post Save the Barn!, you’re probably paying more attention to your alarm clock settings before you close your eyes, presuming you use an alarm clock.

For today’s photo addendum, I found a handful of alarm clocks that take special steps to ensure you’re up and running when the alarm calls. Although I haven’t tested any, they’re available from various vendors, including Amazon, where the customer reviews are mixed. There were other clocks online that I would deem alarm-worthy, but they were either discontinued or just very cool design prototypes.

This clock starts rolling if you hit the snooze button or when
the alarm goes off. (Whee! There it goes off the nightstand!)
You, of course, have to find and retrieve it to shut off the alarm.
(Clocky Alarm Clock On Wheels by Nanda Home)
As you’d expect from the photo, this clock launches
the rocket when the alarm sounds. To turn off the alarm,
 the rocket must be returned to the launch pad.
Oh yeah, there’s a countdown before firing.
(Blast Off Rocket Launching Digital Alarm Clock
by Trademark Global)
The helicopter wing takes flight when the alarm goes off.
Like the rocket, it must be returned to stop the alarm.
(Flying Alarm Clock by Unknown)
There are different modes but all revolve around you shooting
the bullseye to shut off the alarm. C’mon, you can do it.
(Lock N' load Gun alarm clock by Loveseason)
Now, don’t panic. Two of the three alarm modes are simply
On and Off. When you’re ready, you can try the third mode:
Defuse. It’s probably not that difficult.
(Dynamite Alarm Clock by Generic)

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  1. This clicky alarm clock is the most awesome alarm
    i bought this one :
    and it works amazingly, it wakes me up time and I have to run and switch it off, it gives me a single snooze for 9 minutes,, after it starts to run away from me