24 September 2013

Eyespots Photo Addendum

How presumptuous of me to state in last Friday’s blog post, Fish Eyespots, that I was sure you’d seen butterfly or moth eyespots! To atone I’ve borrowed a handful of examples of eyespots from various websites.

Automeris moth (www.loujost.com)
Buckeye butterfly (www.insects.org)
Peacock butterfly (urbanbutterflygarden.co.uk/)
Owl butterfly (www.rainforestcruises.com)
Meadow brown butterfly (www.cumbria-butterflies.org.uk)
Emperor moth (devonmoths.org.uk/)
Owlet moth (multiple websites)
Some butterfly and moth caterpillars,
like this spicebush swallowtail
caterpillar, have amazing eyespots.
(multiple websites)

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