12 March 2013

Anteater Photo Addendum

I’m sorry. The ants I hired to pose for the photo addendum on last Friday’s blog post, Ant Crowdsourcing, were eaten. But thanks to Mehgan Murphy, Image Collections Manager of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, in Washington, DC, I’ve got a handful of photos of the giant anteaters that ate them.

You can find more of Ms Murphy’s photos of the anteaters at the Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=26357527@N05&q=anteater and many more of her phenomenal animal photos at her website: http://www.mmurphyimaging.com/

You can also find a write up on the birth of the anteater pup at ZooBorns:

The National Zoo’s giant anteater,
carrying her new pup.
Closer view of the giant anteater pup.
Note the giant anteater pup’s claws.
And you can't miss the
giant anteater pup’s tongue.
Riding his mother, the giant anteater
has his tongue ready.
The giant anteater mother
and her growing pup.

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