27 November 2012

Vacuuming with Cats Photo Addendum

Building on the suspense of last Friday’s blog post, Vacuuming with Cats, I thought it would be instructive to show why cats may run in fear from the vacuum cleaner and what happens if they don’t. The animals in these photos were once long-haired something or others but after being caught by a vacuum: giant moles.

OK, so last Friday’s post wasn’t suspenseful and the animals aren’t giant moles. Their owner assures me that they’re cats, and she’s a veterinarian. The breed of two of the three is Sphynx; the third--the one with a wavy, curly coat--is a Cornish Rex. We are indebted to Jessica Fine, DVM MS, for her vacuuming, photography and editorial skills.

The cats, Chantilly, a Cornish Rex, with Flax and
Jasmine, both Sphynx, atop the refrigerator:
"At least we get snacks up here when she vacuums."
The two Sphynx cats Jasmine (L) and Flax:
“We’ve got to band together against the vacuum!”
The cats, Jasmine, the Sphynx, and Chantilly,
the Cornish Rex, dozing: "You wake us with
that beastly vacuum then expect us to smile?"
The Sphynx cat, Jasmine, with the television:
 “Call me when ‘My Cat from Hell’ is on.”
The Sphynx cat, Flax, by the window:"You
are distracting me from my bird watching!"
The Sphynx cat, Jasmine, on the shelf: “I’ll
come down when you turn off that darn vacuum.”

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