09 October 2012

Cat TV Time Photo Addendum

Never mind about my TV viewing, which I discussed last Friday, consider Henry-the-cat’s TV fare.

Years before Henry intruded into my life, we had three female cats, Lassie, Rex and Boss. Someone loaned us a cat-sitting video, featuring birds, rodents and other objects of cat fancy. I expected Rex, who stared at walls, and Boss, a cat of exceptionally low intelligence, to be intrigued, but was confident that Lassie, one of the smartest cats that ever lived, would have no interest.

To my amazement, only Lassie watched--intently--from start to near finish. Rex and Boss couldn’t care less about the video.

If Lassie would watch, it was a good bet that Henry, an unusually brilliant cat, would be intrigued. Of course, while Lassie would sit and watch, Henry would keep attacking the screen. Lassie was a little smarter.

Henry-the-cat watching a cat-sitting video.
Henry-the-cat attacking a cat-sitting video.

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